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Life on the edge
The things young people do to amuse themselves these days! Feeling bored? Feeling depressed? Need excitement in your life? BUY A MOUNTAIN BIKE YOU NING NONG!
I could write a huge-ass passage about letting biking into my life showed me the path to happiness (like one of them crappy religious doorknockers) but the simple fact is im not.
Grab out the old bike, crack open a beer and the oil and beautify your stunning beast. Go and gap some huge gnarly double on your beefy and spankably bike...get fit and most of all hurt yourself!

The sad thing is that know one would actually listen to me and start biking and if i wrote anything about the techs of a bike know one would fucking understand me.

Biking means everything to me because everything else in my life is pretty shit (other than my good friends that talk to me and put up with my shit) and rather than being at the gorge flashing my freaky ass homosexually ugly body i can bike which hurts me and keeps me occupied instead of suicidal thoughts or something fucked up like that!


Strange is Strange and is like Shaved Ham and is kool