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Hey All...This small, teeny tiny page is dedicated to those that make my life happy and fun, depressive and absolutely miserable or a mix of the two. It will obviously include many non-bohoz becuz i hang round them, and hav a will of iron wen it comes to shrugging off the negative BoHo vibes that they shoot out.
This page will be an ongoing thang and for those anti-bohoz that hound me about not being on here can jus kiss my ass (i will try not to enjoy it).

People and Singing Hampsters
Hayley: Hayley deserves this spot on my web page becuz she is funny, only half sane and kool. She is depressed but she dus it with absolute style and grace. GO HAYLEY LEWIS (no not the swimmer).

Alix And Cassie and Monique and Rose: The foursome. They are alwayz ready to laugh (or get raped) and fun to hang round with. Love your hair Cassie ;)
Love it how you alwayz manage to be in a position where i can see up ur dress Rose ;)
CLIK CLIK (thats me clicking my fingers Alix).

Paris: I WANT HEAD!! Paris is the most Mountain Bike crazy freak with Hormones raging like a bushfire. When he isnt mountain biking, he is all over ne chick that is within reach. He is kool company to keep when biking and never manages to surprise me with his knowledge of bikes.

Mark E: Its my Sexy Momma Mark! Mark is kool! he takes evrything as it comes and is never complaining if he is handed shit. You have my AXE and sword and bow, Mark :P (a small maths joke there...which is probably why you all found it so hilarious).

Rowan: Rowan is a hella kool friend and person to hang round with!! He is extremely scary and strange when he is drunk (or so i am told) and is not ur average and boring person. wotta Top Bloke!

Ben M: BEN (screaming at the top of my lungs). Ben has grown used to people screaming out his name (rowan) while he is walking to our recess hood. He is kool. He plays guitar. So do i.

Brett: Ben's quiet sidekick. Brett is not a guy of a thousand words. Altho all the chiks in our Music Ext. class alwayz say he smells good....i must find out his secret.

Claire: Claire is awesome. She rows. She does PCYC Drama thingy. She goes to Queechy. She is awesome. I have already said that but she is still awesome. Rowan doesnt really like claire (and he does it so secretly).

Jake P: I have known Jake for ages....Well not really but now that i have met him i rekon he is a champ. He doesnt go to queechy but i thought i would put him here for the sake of it. He is speedy on a bike :P

Matthew: I have known matty since prep. He deserves an award for putting up with me and my endless shit......must be my good looks. He is a funny lil goat and should be snapped up soon by sum funky lil chick before i decide to go homosexual and have a go myself (hmmm actually on second

Megan H: Megan is a fucking tripper and a great friend. She is alwayz ready to cheer people up! And altho her back is a bastard, she is a true friend!

Josh: Josh introverted soul. Josh is shy and gets giddy when around women. He poses a threat to all around him when on a mountain bike. he has recently improved his biking skills and is now able to unclip his 'clipless' pedals while in motion. GO JOSH!!

Taylor: Taylor is a woman's man.....or is it man's woman. Im confused, Anyway....Hillz is a pro athlete and lives in Relbia. WESTSIDE RELBIA 4EVER!!

Ryan J: TANK. Ryan is a tank. Im a tank. Claire's a tank. Everyone is a Tank. But Ryan is the biggest one i know (not really, but everyone can pretend he is).

Jenna, Susan and Ashlea: I got sick of writing so much so i decided to put these 3 awesome people together. They are great fun to chill with!!! and i am their designated bag carry-ers. SINGING HAMPSTERS KICK ASS!!!!

Zoe And Alison: I also decided to put these two together cuz they are the probably the two nicest people i know and are inseperable. They are Muso champs and are the BoHo Originator and Queen. They are a strange and rare species and it should at least be considered to put them on the endangered list.

Theresa: i Nearly forgot Theresa, shame on me! Theresa has nearly liked every guy in our Tutor Group! Maybe its cuz we are all dead sexy ;)

Maddie: Go KFC!! I dont really know maddie but yer she is funky wunky!

Jake M: JaKeY M's - Jake is the current manager of this homosexual night club/brothel and has so many customers he is a very busy man! Anyway, apart from homosexual jokes me and Jake have plenty of laughs and its always good to talk to him!! :P

Sarah and Jess T: LORD OF THE RINGS KICKS TOTAL ASS. Jess is an ol' LOTR fan like me. My life would be incomplete with J.R.R Tolkien and i am sure she feels the same way. Both of them are very kool people!!

Helena: I dont know Helena very well but she seems pretty kool.

Aled: Ahh my friend of friends! Aled and i have bin good good mates since grade 4 and it has bin good fun with him since! ATTENTION CORPORAL MATTHEWS!!!

Singing Hampster #1: Doctor Doctor give me the news..i gotta a bad case of luvving yooooooo!!

I would write more about the stoners and little shits but they takes up time. Time that i am not willingly going to use up...Wow that last bit sounds good..I applaud myself :P :P

More People and dancing squirrels.
Jesus: He did it for the Beavers...Good good bloke

Arch: This big fella is a champ! Words cant describe this guy, hes fucking wikid!

Marcus: Fish magnet traps kick ass!!!

Em: Em is kool other than the fact she calls me Hogget which i really dislike with a passion...oh well lifes hard!

Nadi: Good ol' East Launnie!! Kool gurl (thank god she hasnt called me Hogget, im counting the days until she remembers and decides to call me it).

Megan Mac: Oh Master you are so brilliant and wise and u look absolutely stunning with that Licqourice Deluxe 5000!! Im working hard please lets not have any repercussions of what happened to poor Johnny!Megan Mac is funny insane and fucking kool!!

Bree: Bree is so kool!!! Most definitely worth a mention :P Now that i have met her i can back up my statement in saying she is a champ

Ashton: Does one ever shut ones mouth?? Ashton is kool kool kool kool!!

Maria: Maria is my very awesome Champ Stalker bud! I luv talking to her!! She is kool! :)

Jess Mcshane: hey i dont really know Jess but i went to her party so i thought i would mention her anyway!!

Ryan Burley: Dont really know him eitha but hey he seems koolio!

James Peters: I know good ol' James from the Primary school days and yer he is a phunny and kool guy.

Oli Leathe: Havent seen the big fella for ages, but we go right back to primary! Probably doesnt remember me but hey who cares! :P

Dani Edmunds:

Greg: Greg is a legend!! Funny bloke! Remember them spew coloured jeans Greg? :P

James Cartwright: Met him at the Gorge, a top bloke!

Jamie Jennis: I dont really know Jamie but i have seen him all over the joint (meaning queechy) and fucked around with him and all the others at Greg's.

Ok i cant really remember the names of any of the people at Jess Mcshane's party except for i thought i would write this just to acknowledge everybody else that i dont know!! :P

Sarah Ring: This is one magnificent little tripper. The ability to make one smile is a great gift to have and who would be a better person to have that gift than Sair. She is the shit champions are made of!! :P

Sarah Richards: I talk to Sarah on the net almost everytime im on and she never fails to make good conversation and is always around to listen.

Maddy: Maddy Huett is a very splendid and modern woman :P I have only seen maddy once (and i woz off my guts) but she is really kool and i love talking to her! :P

Lauren B: Also another sophisticated woman!! :P :P This lil funky bird is really easy to talk to and which ever man snaps up this gurl is very lucky ;)
Han M: Han is a little Teddi bear:P Currently standing at just over 1 and a half feet one could just pick her up and take her home!! :P She is very groovy :)

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