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Welcome To My Humble Abode
Hey everyone and Welcome!
This site is underconstant change, so come back every 6 months cuz thats about how often i will remember to update this splendid if not magnificent webpage.
Please come and go like it is your mums house. nick stuff, annoy people and then go....just go.
If you say my site is crap (which it is, but only im allowed to say that because im such an important figure in our society) than i shall strip you naked and tie you to a fence and place a whip on the ground. But other than that feel free to abuse or beat the absolute shit out of me.

*NEWS FLASH* - Things i have observed recently
A couple Of Small minor Notes:
Brad Moy has the largest gums and teeth in the southern hemisphere
Paris is Horny 24/7
Josh Smith has finally mastered the 'Clipless' pedal. br>James Fatwhore (or is it patmore) dusnt eat fat-free yoghurt which explains why he is carrying those extra kilos and carries his VIP Jenny Craig Gold Pass at all times.
Life is too short to waste...Ride 'til i die
Im obviously not worthy of anything more than a buddy
My bike my bike, dont lie to me...tell me where did you ride today
Oompa Loompa Doopety Do Johnny got the licqourice strap and so will you. Please dont feed the bike
Arghhh! I want to go to Hobart so i can be a XC biker boy

BoHo kix Ass, Anti-BoHoz Suk Balls (josh s)
Ok, this small little piece of writing is a memory that me and AL remember quite vividly.
We were in Maths and AL, Josh and i were all sitting next to each utha. At the time me and Paris (raging hormone boy) had jus bin intiated into the BoHo Clan. And Josh woodnt shut up and he kept asking all these stupid questions about BoHo-ism. Obviously for BoHo-ish reasons we could not tell him nemore then the members and stuff.
But he wouldnt shut up, and he started tryin to copy our BoHo Peace handshake sign and stuff.
So instead we started yelling at him to "SHUT THE FUK UP JOSHUA SMITH OR I AM GOING TO BELT U."
It woz a very mad ass day and it woz great fun to threaten Josh.
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The exhibition
Here from left to right : Alison, Claire, Zoe and Matthew
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Im wanted for assaulting and murdering my mind and body